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FAQ1: Can physicians and physician assistants not licensed in Wyoming practice here during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency?

A1: Physicians and physician assistants not licensed in Wyoming may qualify to provide care, both in-person and via teleheath, to patients located in Wyoming during declared public health emergency through the “consultation exemption.” If approved to do so, the physician or physician assistant is considered to be “consulting” with the State Health Officer. The exemption from licensure, if approved, will be valid until the earlier of forty-five (45) days after the end of the Public Health Emergency or the termination by the State Health Officer of the physician’s or physician assistant’s “consultation.”

Current, full and unrestricted licensure in at least one U.S. jurisdiction or country is required. The exemption is not automatic, requires approval of the Board of Medicine and the State Health Officer, and does not apply to all physicians and physician assistants.

Apply for the consultation exemption here. You will be notified by return e-mail if you have been approved to practice in Wyoming under the consultation exemption.

FAQ2: Can a physician or physician assistant caring for Wyoming patients under the consultation exemption during the public health emergency write prescriptions for Wyoming patients?

A2: Generally, yes. They may write prescriptions for non-controlled substances as appropriate. During the federally-declared public health emergency the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is waiving the requirement for prescribers to get a DEA registration for Wyoming in order to prescribe controlled substances in the state, subject to two requirements: (1) The physician or PA must remain “in consultation” with the State Health Officer under the licensure exemption rule, and (2) The physician or PA must have a valid DEA registration in the state of their existing licensure. If both are satisfied, the physician or PA is not required to have a State of Wyoming Controlled Substance Registration.

FAQ3: Can a physician assistant licensed in Wyoming work under the emergency supervision of a physician not previously approved as his or her supervisor by the Board of Medicine?

A3: Yes, provided the Board of Medicine is notified of the supervision arrangement, and it is due to an emergency. (Responding to the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency and its effects qualifies.) Both the physician and the physician assistant must be licensed in good standing in Wyoming. A form to report an emergency supervision relationship can be accessed here. A form must be submitted for each physician and physician assistant; for example, two physicians supervising two physician assistants in an emergency would require submission of four forms.

The form must be submitted no later than two (2) business days after the supervision begins. The supervision arrangement will end automatically forty-five (45) days after the end of the emergency, or sooner by the choice of the supervising physician or the physician assistant or direction of the Board of Medicine.

FAQ4: I am licensed as a physician in another state. I have established patients from Wyoming who come to my state to receive care, but now are not traveling due to the Public Health Emergency. May I continue to provide care to them via telehealth (including telephone) without a Wyoming physician license?

A4: If you have an existing physician-patient relationship established in a face-to-face encounter in your state, and the patient is not able to travel to your state now due to the Public Health Emergency, you may continue that patient’s care via telehealth, including telephone, without a Wyoming physician license. This includes following up on procedures performed in your home state, adjusting medication dosing, prescription refills, ordering diagnostic testing, etc. The telehealth technology must allow you to meet the standard of care at all times.

You may not, however, provide care that treats a new diagnosis or condition without a Wyoming physician license if you have not previously seen the patient for it in a face-to-face encounter in your home state. You also may not provide care beyond such a time as the standard of care dictates that a face-to-face encounter should occur.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A physician licensed in another state who has been approved for the "consultation exemption" (See FAQ1, above) may initiate a physician-patient relationship with a new patient under the exemption.

FAQ5: Will the Wyoming Board of Medicine accept and process traditional licensure applications from physicians and physician assistants?

A5: Yes. The Board of Medicine continues to process conventional applications for licensure of physicians and physician assistants, including physician applications made through the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact. We review those applications on a daily basis for expedited licensure.

FAQ6: How can I get additional information regarding the licensure and practice of physicians and physician assistants in Wyoming during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency?

A6: Contact the Wyoming Board of Medicine at:

Phone: 307-778-7053


This list will be updated as more information becomes available.

Approved Consultation Physicians & PAs

Below is the list of physicians and physician assistants who have been approved to work in Wyoming through the consultation exemption and the list of emergency supervision agreements. These lists will be updated daily or as approvals occur.