Board Staff

Kevin Bohnenblust

Executive Director

Mary Ann Majszak

Operations Supervisor

Carrie Schimelpfenig

Physician Licensing Specialist

Jessica Jones

Licensing Specialist

Bobbie Jo Helvig

Licensing Assistant

Connie Schepp

Senior Board Investigator

Karla Heny

Compliance Specialist

Board Counsel

Jessica Frint

Board Attorney

Assistant Attorney General

Bill Hibbler

Board Prosecuting Attorney

Special Assistant Attorney General

Five staff members assist the Board in its licensing and disciplinary functions. Staff members process license applications, plan Board meetings, write Board publications, handle annual renewal of licenses, and answer and resolve numerous questions that arise from the public, licensees, the media, other government agencies, and other states.

The Board employs a prosecuting attorney who assists Board members in investigating complaints against licensees, and it contracts with medical specialists who provide expertise when appropriate.