Volunteer (Camp) License

A volunteer (camp) license may be issued to a physician/physician assistant who is in good standing in at least one jurisdiction other than the state of Wyoming for the purpose of providing medical treatment as a volunteer, without compensation. A volunteer (camp) license shall be valid for not more than twenty-one consecutive days in any calendar year, and may not be renewed. 

Upon receipt of your application, you will receive an invoice for payment of the $15 application fee.  Once payment is received, your volunteer license will be approved and will be listed on our website.

To apply for the Volunteer (Camp) License, please click the link below:

Volunteer (Camp) License Application*

*This google document was created by the Wyoming Board of Medicine. If approved, your name, degree, specialty/area of practice, and intended Wyoming practice location(s) will appear on the Wyoming Board of Medicine's website; your personal information will never be shared with a third party and will be kept confidential.

To view providers with an approved Volunteer (Camp) License, please follow the link below:

Approved Volunteer (Camp) Licenses