Reactivation & Other Physician Assistant License Applications

The following applications must mailed to the Board office, the application and applicable fees cannot be submitted or paid online. Please call or e-mail the Board to request the appropriate application be sent to you by mail or e-mail.


A reinstatement application is to be submitted when a former licensee seeks to have a license that has been revoked or surrendered restored to active status. In addition to submitting the reinstatement application, the former licensee must submit a petition seeking reinstatement

Emeritus License

An emeritus license may issued to a physician assistant under the supervision of a physician holding and active medical license in Wyoming, which may be used for the provision of uncompensated physician assistant services.

Volunteer (Camp) License

A volunteer (camp) license may be issued to a physician who is in good standing in at least one jurisdiction other than the state of Wyoming for the purpose of providing medical treatment as a volunteer, without compensation. A volunteer (camp) license shall be valid for not more than twenty-one consecutive days in any calendar year, and may not be renewed.